Tips and Tricks on How to Celebrate in NHL 15 PS4 and Xbox One

NHL 15

Winning is the best part of any game, be it on the field or on your console. We all have different styles of celebrating our victory. Here is how you can celebrate your sweet victory in NHL 15.

This ice hockey game is developed by EA Canada and published by EA Sports and is the 24th installment of the NHL series. There are a lot of features which were removed from this installment of the game like there will be no availability of Online Team Play for PS4 and Xbox One.

NHL 15

"When we say Doc and Eddie are in the game, we mean really in the game. Taking commentary integration to the next level, NHL 15 will feature real-world pre-game video reels with the duo. Set against NHL 15 in-game visuals, the result is a revolutionary step forward in sports video games, where the lines between the real world of sport broadcast and the game are blurred." said the makers about improved commentary.

Check out the video on How to Celebrate in NHL 15:

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