How to do Destiny Chest Farming for best Loot, Legendary Ship Blueprints, Legendary Engrams & Exotic gears for PS, Xbox


Bungie's Destiny has a really huge number of players engaged in multiplayer action right now. In the Destiny universe, loot is the main adventurous factor, here you will find wearable items, weapons and armor while on a mission or if a player is just exploring. 

If loot is collected from an enemy, one of the player need to run over the glowing orb and the loot will be be distributed among the group if in multiplayer mode.


The armor and wearable items have an effect on the gameplay. In the world of Destiny rare items are called Exotic gears, these are unique items with special abilities.

Here is a video on how you can do the best loot run or Chest Farming. While doing this run you may come across many Legendary items like Engrams, Exotic gears Legendary Ship Blueprints and a lot of other stuff. You need to be on level 20 to be able to do this run. It is recommended that you do this run with the help of a team.


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