How to become a powerful Destiny Hunter using Weapon combination for PlayStation and Xbox


Hunters are the guardians which roam the wastelands and wilderness of Destiny. They are distinguished in-game by their signature hooded cloaks, thin builds, and lightly armored outfits. They can easily bend rules to suit their particular situation.

Hunters wear helmets, chest, arm, and leg armor and have a special fifth armor slot that is unique to their class. They are known for their daring and ingenuity.


Here are some weapon combinations which the makers themselves use to be powerful in Destiny:

Chris Gossett - Engineering Lead (Exo Male) 

  • Primary Weapon: Pulse Rifle  
  • Special Weapon: Sniper Rifle  
  • Heavy Weapon: Rockets 
  • Combat Specialty: Bladedancer, Arc Blade  

Tom Sanocki - Character and Cinematic Technical Lead (Human Male) 

  • Primary Weapon: Naraka SR5 Scout Rifle and Renegade MK .55 Hand Cannon  
  • Special Weapon: Dammerung FR5 Fusion Rifle  
  • Heavy Weapon: Genghis-E Heavy Machine Gun with big, Heavy Bullets  

Josh Hamrick - Senior Designer (Exo Male)  

  • Primary Weapon: Hand Cannon  
  • Special Weapon: Sniper Rifle  
  • Heavy Weapon: Machine gun with a high rare of fire and a large mag  
  • Combat Specialty: Golden Gun and a Throwing Knife  

Jennifer Ash - User Researcher (Awoken Female)  

  • Primary Weapon: Scout Rifle 
  • Special Weapon: Shotgun 
  • Heavy Weapon: Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher 
  • Combat Specialty: Golden Gun  

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