How to get Strange coins, Exotic Gears, Secret Mote of Light and more from Xur Agent of the Nine in Destiny PlayStation & Xbox


If you are unaware of Strange coins, these coins are used to buy Exotic Gears from a vendor named Xur Agent of the Nine in Destiny. Strange coins can be obtained through the Weekly Heroic Strikes.


Xur Agent of the Nine appears only on weekends at the Tower hub at 9:00 am every Friday and leaves at 9:00 am every Sunday. He also offers one-time use items, like items which increase the weapon progression speed for around half an hour for one strange coin or sparrow upgrades for thirteen strange coins.

This unusual coin is warm to the touch and vibrates gently in your hand. 

Strange coins can also be collected by taking part in Public Event, Story mission, Crucible match, or by decrypting Decoherent and Legendary Engrams, You may also come across a strange coin in a Loot Chest.

Check out this video which will reveal more info about Xur Agent of the Nine and Exotic Gears:

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