How to be the Best Gladiator in Gladiators: Call of Arena with better Attack, more Gems ans Smart Gameplay, Tips & Tricks

Gladiators: Call of Arena

Gladiators: Call of Arena has finally been released for the iOS and Android platforms, but up until now it's been playable only on web browsers. In Gladiators: Call of Arena, ancient heroes help you in your strategies to become the most powerful Gladiator lord of all time.

The gameplay is just similar to MOBA and Clash of Clans. Build a team of gladiators, each one has its own specific class of weapon, can play in single player, PvP modes or simply manage your own town.

Gladiators: Call of Arena

Here are some Tips, Cheats and Strategies that will help you in Gladiators: Call of Arena

How to play smartly in Gladiators: Call of Arena

Be smart while choosing which players you want to battle with. Battles are generally organized by fame. Once you get past the level between 17 to 20, the pairings gets skewed. First level up yourself to 30, 40, or start playing with a fame avoidance strategy.

There are many ways to an avoidance strategy, but the main thing is to not get engage in single-player campaign battles, not to participate in the theater for the purpose of fame and not to collect from your treasury cause it will earn you fame. Also Don't collect from your quests if they involve fame.

How to get more Gems in Gladiators: Call of Arena

Join the alliance as soon as you can, because there is quite a bit more gameplay once you do. Alliance play will help you to earn gems very quickly, which are the premium currency of the game, or even go on daily battles.

Need More Gems:

Another good way to earn more gems is to go to the trophy logo in the lower left corner of the screen, which is achievements. Complete all  the achievements starting with the easy and quick assignments to earn gems in short order.

How to do the Best attack in Gladiators: Call of Arena

Battling with players is very easy, just direct your gladiators towards the one you want to attack. Use the special move you have at your enemy for maximum effectiveness. Attack one enemy at a time to nullify enemies attack quicker. 

How to be the best Gladiator in Gladiators: Call of Arena

Then your goal here is to upgrade the Tavern as much as possible. The higher the upgrade level is, the more upgrades you can do to it. Use your free refreshes more to maximize your potential list of recruitable gladiators.

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