How to survive after level 20 in Destiny with Loot Cave Farming, Daily, Weekly Heroic Strikes and Legendary Gear for PlayStation and Xbox


Bungie, the developer of the sci-fi shooter, Destiny, believe that the real game starts beyond level 20. After this level Destiny gets comparatively tougher in almost all aspects. After level 20 the game Destiny changes a lot, the experiences no longer contributes for levelling but instead develops the abilities and improves the weapons. 


To level up now you have to collect light an attributes associated with certain legendary equipment and weapons. Every individual items has an assigned numeric value of light and you can increase it by using that item more.

Destiny was reported to be one of the most expensive video games ever made. Early estimates suggested it cost up to $500 million to make and market the game. Destiny released recently on gaming consoles like PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

How to do Destiny Loot Cave Farming after level 20

It is the best farm a cave and earn infinite Engrams. Outside of the Cosmodrome go to the Skywatch area  and kill the Hive that are fighting against the Fallen. Then locate the cave and make sure you are standing behind the concrete blocks. 

How to do Destiny Daily Heroic Strikes after level 20

Daily Heroic Strikes are available after reaching Level 20 and also offer special Vanguard Rewards. They are the special events, which unlock daily for post-game players. These Strikes earn you 5 Vanguard marks which you can use for purchasing Legendary gear from Tower Vendors. They are not as easy as the Story Missions versions, they are modifiers to increase the challenge. Only 100 Vanguard marks in a week can be earned.

How to do Destiny Weekly Heroic Strikes after level 20

Weekly heroic strike missions are very difficult but gives you bonuses of Vanguard Mark. They unlock and rotate weekly for Level 20 characters helping you to earn 3 Vanguard Marks, 150 Vanguard reputation and 3 Strange Coins.

How to get Destiny Legendary Gear associated with Light 

Crucible Marks can be used for purchasing Legendary Gears. To get a currency like Crucible marks you have to go through Crucible Modes including Rumble. You can only earn 100 per week, 10 reputation even if you lose. Clash, Skirmish, Rumble and Control all can help you earn equal amount of Crucible Marks and Reputation.

Also from Loot Drops on ordinary missions including Engrams. New level of thresholds are reached as your Legendary gear is combined. Legendary levels continue to unlock as you go on grinding.

Same as the Crucible Marks Vanguard Marks can be used to spend in the Tower for Legendary Gears. This form of currency you can get from Daily Heroic Story and Weekly Heroic Strike. After some Level ups you can earn them.

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