How to use Destiny Consumables, their types and Uses in Levelling up Faster


Destiny a  First-person Shooter, Open-world, Action RPG game. In Destiny as a Guardian of the last safe city on Earth, you are able to wield incredible power and you can do many things in the game. Sony has recorded its most successful ever week of PlayStation 4 hardware sales in the UK, due to the craze of interest in Activision's Destiny.


Here are some tips on how to use Destiny Consumables:

One-time use items that gives you instant weapon experience, ammunition restoration or even gives you Glimmer for killing certain types of enemies are called Consumables. A items that a players can activate just to give a in-game boost to increase the reward are Consumables. Just to the right of the character customization screen you will see the inventory tab, you can view or access them from there.

There are 8 types of Consumables that you can use in Destiny for Leveling up faster:

  • Weapon Telemetry:

For leveling up a specific weapon in a big hurry this Consumable will help you. You can't purchase this consumables, it is something that you can find when you disassemble high end and upgraded weapons.

  • Blue Polyphage: 

Blue Polyphage is meant to make additional Glimmer for killing members of the Vex. It drops from high-ranking Vex or their loot cashes.

  • Heavy Ammo Synthesis: 

This Consumable can restore a player's heavy ammunition. You can purchase it from the Gunsmith in the Tower Plaza and it can be used after every five minutes. 

  • Ammo Synthesis: 

This Consumables are similar to Heavy Ammo Synthesis. You can purchase it from the Gunsmith found in the Tower Plaza. Restore a player's ammunition for primary weapon.

  • Special Ammo Synthesis: 

This Consumable will restore their special ammunition. It can also be purchased from the Gunsmith and it can be used after every five minutes.

  • Ether Seeds: 

This Consumable help players to generate Glimmer for killing members of the Fallen. You can't purchase it, killing a high-ranking Fallen enemy may drop it, or it can be found in the Fallen loot cashes. 

  • Black Wax Idol:

You can use the Black Wax Idol and kill the Hive for Glimmer. You can earn more than 20,000 Glimmer in two hours. 

  • Resupply Codes: 

More Glimmer can be produced while battling against large groups of Cabal with this Consumables. By killing high-ranking Cabal enemies, or from Cabal loot cashes.

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