Battle of Puzzles RPG: How to get More Coins, Friend Points, do more Damage, rare Upgrades and more, Tips and Tricks

Battle of Puzzles RPG

Battle of Puzzles RPG is the new concept card RPG game mixed with Puzzle solving which is highly addictive that lets you battle with real players with countless quests and adventures. The game was released on 13th September 2014 with the rating above 4 out of 5. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch has to have  iOS 4.3 or later.

Battle of Puzzles RPG also referred to as Dungeon Crush became one of the top downloads on the App Store. Battle of Puzzles RPG is a new puzzle match-three RPG.

Battle of Puzzles RPG

Take Control from one of the three Mythical heroes, build a great big powerful collection, lead them and the rest of your team through a series of puzzle battles. Some Tips and tricks that will help you in this game.

Here are Battle of Puzzles RPG Tips and Tricks:

Hit All At Once:

To attack all the enemies on the screen just match five or more pieces at a time. You can hit more and more enemies with more and more pieces matched at a time.
You can make all kinds of combinations, but only those which consist of pieces whose colors match at least one of your characters will do anything (other than the pink ones, which restore your hit points.)

Damage More:

Drag a piece around for as long as you can and Match as many as you can on the screen using it. Making multiple matches in the same move will do the most damage. The damage multiplier of every single move that has been made gets added with additional combo made.

Rarest To Upgrade:

Before running out of space you'll have to find something that has to do with all of them as you load up on the cards. Pick the rarest card to upgrade that is the best to do. Only sacrificing other cards can upgrade cards when you go to the empower area.

More Coins:

With the empower upgrade to the highest level to transcend a card to evolve it to the next rank, dropping one level down and increase its statistics. You will need coins to do all of this and if there is a sort of it you can sell your old cards in exchange for coins.

FP(Friend Points):

Pick the most powerful leaders from your friends and add them for constant supply of ultra powerful cards. Earn more and more Friend Points with the addition of the allies. The rarest and highest level cards use it as your own leaders card which gives you the best chance to get picked.

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