How to get Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Threat Detected Achievement, Trophy for PC, PlayStation and Xbox

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Threat Detected Achievement/Trophy will give you one Bronze Trophy or 15 GamerScore points depending upon your console. 

To get the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Threat Detected Achievement/Trophy go to the street with a high-tech tank on the left side in Mission 1: Induction, you will get to this street quite early in the mission. Move to the next area and reach a building full of enemies where you achieved the Carma Achievement/Trophy.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Find the button tutorial on your screen on how to boost dodge. You need to kill the very first five enemies at the entrance. Then there will be 13 enemies around the corner, on a balcony shooting at you. Use the threat grenade near the balcony to destroy a bunch of more than 10 enemies in one go. Complete this task as soon as possible so that you do not run out of enemies to kill.

If you are still unsure, check out this achievement video given below:

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