How to use Destiny Exotic Truth Rocket Launcher, Everything you need to know about Truth


Truth is an exotic rocket launcher which can be acquired from completing Crucible matches, Xur The Agent of Nine, Vault of Glass raid, by decrypting engrams or by completing the Weekly Nightfall Strike.

Truth can be a highly important weapon in Destiny if used correctly. It is a rocket launcher which delivers combo of precision and devastation. It can act as an ultimate weapon of destruction for the Vex. Truth is a highly reliable Rocket Launcher for huge, open Crucible maps. By correct use and practice of Truth you will be able to aim accurately causing mass destruction and a smooth clear win.

Destiny Truth

"…is where you seek it." — Lomar

  • Truth works the best in its upgraded version.
  • Two of its main qualities are proximity detonation and trueseeking.
  • Truth should be used for long-range attacks for best results and mass destruction.
  • It can be a real let down for Sparrows, Pikes, turrets etc...

Truth Upgrades

Hard Launch
Increased Velocity and Blast Radius. More recoil.

  •     Warhead Verniers

    Increased Velocity and Blast Radius. More recoil.

  •     Confined Launch

    Reduced recoil. Significant penalty to Velocity.

Grenades and Horseshoes
Truth Rockets will blow up faster as per the proximity.

More warhead velocity.

  •     Heavy Payload

    More warhead Blast Radius

  •     Flared Magwell

    Increased reload rate

Prototype Trueseeker
Precise target seeking

Upgrade Damage
Causes heavy damage by increasing Attack Power

As compared to Gjallarhorn, Truth works more effectively in PvP because of heavy destruction tendencies. Truth is Effective against: Minotaurs, large groups of red-bar enemies,Void-shielded Psions etc. Lesser Effective against: Spread-out groups, quick moving targets e.g. Centurions, Stealth Vandals etc.

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