How to conquer Far Cry 4 Yuma's Fortress and De Pleur's Fortress, Tips and Tricks Guide

Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 the fourth sequel of the Far Cry Series is now available on Xbox 360 and Xbox One video game consoles, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC. The  action-adventure first-person shooter game is published by Ubisoft. 

The game's location is in Kyrat, a fictional kingdom in Nepal. Here is a guide for the most interesting quests in the game- Fortress. This guide will give you tricks for conquering the fortresses.

Far Cry 4

How to conquer Far Cry 4 Yuma's Fortress

Yuma's Fortress has three alarms. You must deactivate those alarms to attack the fortress. This is to avoid enemy backup forces. 
Alarm 1: You'll find the 1st alarm towards the front entrance, on the central path to the left hand side.
Alarm 2: Climb the rocks on the left hand side of entrance with the help of Grappling hook, the alarm is behind a house there.
Alarm 3: To find the last alarm, go up on the hill ahead of the 2nd Alarm. Find a rock clearing. The 3rd alarm is just there.
After deactivating these alarms it is very easy to attack as there is only one sniper and one heavy. You just need to send the guards.   

How to conquer Far Cry 4 De Pleur's Fortress:

There are only 2 alarms at De Pleur's Fortress. It is very easy to deactivate them.
Alarm 1: It is on the front left wall of the fortress. You must climb the wall and see to your left to find the alarm.
Alarm 2: Go towards the main gate from the 1st Alarm, you'll see a sniper.Kill him and the alarm is there.
You can use M-79 or Auto Cross on the guards, its a bit tough but exciting. 

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