How to complete Dragon Age Inquisition Emprise Du Lion Side Quest Guide

Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition developed by BioWare, sequel to Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II.The Platforms required for this game Windows, Play Station3, PlayStation4, Xbox360, Xbox One. 

This Game consists of different types of environment, which is explored by the gamer. It is set in continent of Thedas , involves civil war  to save the World. There are few Quests to complete, this guide will help you complete and find them. 

Dragon Age Inquisition

How to complete Dragon Age Inquisition Emprise Du Lion Side Quest Guide

The Corruption Of Sahrnia

  • Get this Quest when you enter the area.
  • Enter the village and get into the Yellow house.
  • You will find Mistress Poulin, talk to her regarding Red Templars. 

Take Back The Lion 

  •  Mistress Poulin will give this Quest to you.
  • First step is to clear the enemies 
  • Then setup camp and get the area from Red Templars
  • Repeat it for the second waypoint.
  • The third way point, kill the crystal monsters and claim the camp.

Rocky Rescue

  • Complete Take Back The Lion you will get this quest.
  • To complete it move towards Quarry 
  • Open the cages to save the villagers.

Red Captors 

  • Completing Take Back The Lion will get you this quest.
  • To get through it, you need to kill Templars  in the village.

Mama's Ring 

  • Check the map to get into different house to complete this quest.
  • When you will enter the location, start looking for the blue house.
  • Find the ring using search function.
  • Turn the ring.

Turning The Tables 

  • Find this Quest on a Book.
  • This book is in the north side of the area of ring.
  • Move to the waypoint.
  • There you will find a dead woman, check her and your task is completed.

Caged Confession

  • A note in Quarry will consist this Quest.
  • Give this note to Louis.
  • Comfort Linette by telling her things will be better.
  • And you will complete this Quest.

Words Not Hollow

  • Move to the trapped villagers, there you will find a infected women.
  • You will find the Quest.
  • Move to the waypoint and put the icon to complete it.


  • To complete this Quest , you need to find the Book.
  • To find it, Move to the north-east of the Village.
  • There you will come across a windmill on the river, a camp is there below it.
  • Move to the area marked on the map and you see a wolf statue, book will seen next to the statue.  

Sifting Through The Rubble

  • You will find this quest on a book.
  • Move to the Tower Campsite.
  • Then, move to the west of bridge and you will reach your destination. 

Call Me Imshael 

  • You will get this Quest from the guy fighting in the area.
  • Kill him to take the Keep.
  • Choices will be given by this guy, its up to you to choose.
  • Restock your Potions.
  • Join  Michel and complete the Quest.

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