GTA V PS4/Xbox One: Some Easiest & Impressive Money Making Tips and Tricks


The main focus of GTA V is all the bling! Money is what GTA make what GTA is today. If you are the master of millions in this game you will be the master of the whole game. We are not talking about some small amount here, GTA V makes it large. You can pull in millions and millions of dollars and buy almost anything and showoff. Go through these few tips and use your in-game wisely to earn more in-game money!

GTA V PS4/Xbox One Money Making Tips

In GTA V the single-player mode lets players control three characters: Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips and Franklin Clinton, criminals whose stories interconnect as they complete missions. Some missions are completed with only one character and others feature two or three.

Save to gain
The amount of money that you will save will help you gain more of it. Try to avoid unnecessary purchases for example the airport at the top of the map which is used for smuggling drugs, do not buy it even when Ron insists. Use your money on the main story mode. Stock Markets are the huge money machines, use them well.

Tinkle Mission
It is highly misunderstood that this mission should be completed as soon as possible. Tinkle Mission has a very high money making potential, even $30m is also a small amount for this mission. Go for this mission at the very end.

For the Union Depository do not use a unique method. You can also follow a small trick of saving the game before each heist and assassination. This will help in getting the maximum out of the heist. This is one of the most helpful part of GTA, the Heist crew. You will find this crew through the hidden events around the map. The crew will help you built up and take smaller cuts better than the people which Lester gets for you.

Assassination missions should be completed after all the heists are complete. Do the Betta Pharmaceuticals on the required one. For some of the assassination missions you can invest in stocks twice. So use them to the fullest. Check this out: GTA V PS4/Xbox One Guide: How to do Assassinations for Stock Returns in GTA V

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