How to get The Crew Highway One Plus Trophy/ Achievement

The Crew

To get the Highway One Plus Trophy/ Achievement  for The Crew, you will need a minimum of 2-4 players in your Crew. Players cane get one Bronze trophy or 15 gamerscore points depending upon the console.

The Crew

You need to drive the length of Highway One while being a part of your crew. The Highway One is located on the west coast of California which stretches from Los Angeles to San Francisco. You will find the Highway One on the left edge of your map. 

To get this Trophy/ Achievement it is better that you begin at the HQ in Los Angeles and set a waypoint to San Francisco. Now all you have to do is drive up to San Francisco. Be sure that you include atleast one more member in your crew to get the Highway One Trophy/ Achievement. It is not mandatory for your members to follow you. You just need to be a part of the crew.

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