How to complete Far Cry 4 Amita and Sabal Ending Credit Scenes

Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 is the fictional RPG based on the Nepalese Civil war. It shows Kyart a fictional city identical to Nepal. In these game the player assumes the role of the protagonist Ajay Ghale who is trying to fullfill his late mother's wishes. He gets caught in the war between the Golden Path and Pagan Min, the self announced ruler of the country. the players can create there own stories with the support of the basic plot.

This guide will help you to complete the ending credit scenes of Amita and Sabal. You have a choice of appointing the ruler of Golden Path after the post credits, you can choose Amita or Sabal.

Far Cry 4

Ending Credit Scene of Amita


Amita is the new generation leader of  the Golden Path. She believes in modernizing the country. But at the end it is found that she kills Bhadra and has intentions of turning Kyrat in a repressive drug state and wants to protect the country's large drug fields. The player as Ajay Ghale has option to choose her as leader of the Golden Path. 

But when you choose Amita as leader, go to Tirtha and see how she gets the labors. You make her the ruler by wreaking off the Jalendu temple at the same time you'll see Golden Path soldiers gathering small children as slaves for working in Amita's Opium farms. The option remains to make her leader or kill her at back.

Ending Credit Scene of Sabal


Sabal is staunch believer of Kyrati customs and traditions. He wants to punish the people supporting Amita saying that they betrayed country's religion. He believes that sins an be only washed by blood. As Ajay has option of choosing him as Leader of Golden Path he reaches Jalendu temple which player had annihilated or spared during the previous Golden Path Missions to find Sabal.

Here Sabal would be executing the people for betraying the national religion of  Kyrat. This scene decreases the chance that player chooses Sabal as the Leader of the Golden Path. 

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