How to get Destiny Dark Below DLC Legendary Fusion Rifle Murmur


The Dark Below DLC introduces an amazing Legendary Fusion Rifle called Murmur which is capable of dealing with two different kinds of damage, acr and solar. The Soft Ballistics of this weapon include less recoil and penalty to impact, CQB Ballistics include greatly reduced recoil, significant penalty to range. The Linear Compensator gives more predictable recoil, slight boosts to range and impact and more recoil. 


The kills with this weapon reduce the cooldown of your grenade with Grenadier. It also has enhanced magazine size. Being light in weight, when equipped the Murmur gives +2 character Agility with Lightweight. With the use of this rifle players get the ability to Slide further with Kneepads. Murmur helps in high accuracy aiming with Snapshot.

Destiny Murmur

Guardian can get this fusion rifle after completing all the story missions in The Dark Below. Players can unlock the Murmur in Destiny  from Eris Morn, Crota's Bane. The basic stats of this weapon will change depending upon the choice of Solar or Arc damage.

Watch the video given below for the complete walkthrough on how to get Destiny Dark Below DLC Legendary Fusion Rifle Murmur:

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