How to chose the best Inquisition Agents for Dragon Age Inquisition, Agents Recruitment Guide

Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon Age Inquisition, a sequel to Dragon age II, is an action role-playing game. It is set in the continent of Thedas, the fantasy world. Here the Inquisitor i.e. the player can recruit his companions. There are various Agents or types of Agents joining to support the Inquisition. Some of them are Connections Agents, Forces Agents, Secret Agents, etc.

A member may even betray the Inquisitor i.e. the player. So selecting the team mate must be done carefully by checking out the tendency of each Agent. This guide is to help you to recruit the Inquisition Agents. Recruiting them will make your party stronger.

Dragon Age Inquisition

How to chose the Inquisition Agents

Lord Berand
To begin lord Berand's trail, meet him at Dwarfson's Pass in Hinterlands.He will himself offer to join at the end of his mission. He may Join with Josephine or Cullen. He will have his own impact on the Inquisition. 

Horse Master Dennet
Find Dennet at the westernside of Hinterlands at his farms. You can take Cassandra or Vivienne with you for convincing Dennet to support the Inquisition. His joining will strengthen the Inquisition.

Speaker Anais
Recruitment of  Speaker Anais is done during the end of  the mission- Praise the Herald of Andraste in Hinterlands. The Inquisitor has two choices to add to her features. They are- Spread of the Word and Listen and Gather. Player may use anyone of it.  

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