How to complete Destiny The Dark Below Story Mission Fist of Crota


Fist of Crota is the first mission for the players given by Eris Morn. It is available at the 24th difficulty level. A player can play this mission only one time in the game. Success in the Fist of Crota will earn you a weapon or amour Eric may have with her. Here you have to defeat the boss, Sardon- Fist of Crota. This guide will give you tips and tricks to complete the quest with a guaranteed win.  

The mission starts from the Blast which hosted Devil Walker fight while the Devil's Lair mission. Now you'll have to fight the Major Wizard who is in between you and your target. He sends hoards of Thralls. 


You'll have to go through the refinery go on till you come near a group of Acolytes. Kill them all and get the most important knight of them, Blade of Crota. Take his sword that he will drop once he is dead. Detect the enemies with help of your radar. 

Enter into the  darkness zone through tunnel at the Grottos.Above the pool, a green glowing ball will come in your sight. Be alert and go ahead. There will be a Dark Burden there. If slapped by it will hamper your movements like double jumping and other moving abilities. now challenge Sardon, The Fist of Crota. 

He is difficult to beat him. He is a tough contender with loads of health, hard hits by the range attacks. He raises his sword and swings it to the ground for propelling an explosive attack, beware of  this trick of Sardon. He uses it when he is having a distance from you. 


The battle becomes more fierce and difficult at level 28. there will be constant attacks of Minions and there is no place available to safe guard yourselves. Hit Sardon as hard as you can. Beat him before he goes out of control.

Use trick, run and hit, use grenades. Be quick in reloading, keep your movements fast. Spin, turn, shoot and drop when required. Keep away the Thralls from you. After completing the quest return to Eric to get your reward.

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