How to get Destiny The Dark Below Heart, Hand and Eyes of Crota, Location and Tips Guide


The Dark Below DLC of Destiny has many side quests also known as Strikes. This DLC is available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 & Xbox One. It is the open world, first shooter game.

After completing Eris's quests you have to unlock the three Bounties.They are spread all around the Cosmodrome on the Earth.

The whole Fire team must be together to complete these Patrol Bounties. Here is the guide to help you with the locations and tips to complete the Bounties of  Heart of Crota, Hand of Crota and Eyes of Crota.


How to get Destiny The Dark Below Heart of Crota

The Heart of Crota can be discovered in the Refinery. You have to go to Cosmodrome and keep a watch on Refinery. Beat the Servant of Heart i.e. a Acolyte and use him against his master as a trap. Then kill the Heart of Crota. This will end the strike. 

How to get Destiny The Dark Below Hand of Crota

Find Hand of Crota at Lunar Complex at Cosmodrome. You'll find a Thrall over there. Kill him again to lure his master. As the killing will get the sprawl of other Thralls there will be a knight with them, the Hand of Crota defeat him. Hand of Crota is a tough enemy to be fought with. Killing him will end the task.

How to get Destiny The Dark Below Eyes of Crota

Locate Eyes of Crota at Terrestrial Complex. Find the urn i.e. treasure with an Acolyte. Steal the urn. The Eyes of Crota, three Golden Acolytes will spring up to attack you. Kill them all and complete the quest. 

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