How to get Destiny Thrunderlord Exotic Heavy Machine Gun

Destiny Thrunderlord

This amazing Exotic Heavy Weapon, Machine Gun Thrunderlord, is descried as "They rest quiet on fields afar...for this is no ending, but the eye." Guardians can get this exotic weapon as a reward from either the Vault of Glass or Crota's End raid, a reward from the Weekly Nightfall Strike or even the mysterious vendor Xûr. 

Destiny Thrunderlord

This machine gun can be obtained from an end-of-match reward from the Crucibles also. Thrunderlord's upgrades include:

  • Accurized Ballistics and Field Choke offers enhanced range and impact along with increased Recoil.
  • The Linear Compensator gives more predictable Recoil, slight boosts to range and impact.
  • With Feeding Frenzy Guardians can make kills with this weapon which increase reload speed for a short time.
  • When players upgrade damage they get, upgraded attack power which causes increased damage.
  • With Perfect Balance guardians get extremely low recoil.
  • Field Scout give maximum Ammo capacity.
  • With Flared Magwell you can reload this weapon even faster. Finally with Lightning Rounds Thrunderlord can fire faster and more accurately as the longer the trigger is held.

Thrunderlord Exotic Heavy Machine Gun can to light when it was used during the demo in E3. After defeating the Archon Slayer this weapon was collected by a Warlock. Thrunderlord can cause heavy damage to a bunch of enemies.

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