How to Earn extra Stars, Save Money and more in Restaurant Town, Tips and Tricks Guide

Restaurant Town

The Nanobit Software has brought for you a new restaurant building game for iOS and Android platforms. In Restaurant Town you start your restaurant with one soup stove and two tables. As you get popular this tiny place is expanded.

As the expansion starts the more customers come in, cooking more and growing to become a Cheesecake Factory is an interesting trail. Read this post to get the strategies, tips and tricks for guaranteed win in the Restaurant Town.

Restaurant Town

How to Earn extra Stars, Save Money and more in Restaurant Town

Keeping the counters busy
Cook a large quantity of quick food to keep selling for a longer period of time. Add new food items on the top of older ones to add servings. Add as much as servings you can on the counter. Adding up the servings will keep the counters busy and your restaurant can sell for longer time. 

Save money for expansion
During the expansion you'll run out of the space very quickly. You need to buy tiles and walls for expansion. The expansion can be done in the grassy area outside of the restaurant. For this you must save your money to purchase the expansion material and equipments. For getting more money you can sellout the extra decorations you have.

Earning Quick Stars
Always keep a look on the areas you can expand to. You need to be ready for new appliances and new methods to cook. Player needs enough cooking stars to expand. If one doesn't have them cook the food which will gain quick stars, serve this food and try to expand

Being Organized
The restaurant must be kept well organized especially the kitchen stations. Always keep less distance between the stations and customer tables. this will reduce the time of serving. Also the distance of door from the customer seats must not be far away. Don't keep the distances that will make the waiters as well as customers walk very far.

Before Logging out
Before you go offline set the food on the stove which need lot of time. If you are going offline at night or the whole day keep items like Ratatouille which takes ample of time to cook. Complete the small jobs while your playing so hat you do not have to worry after logging out.

Earn Free Gems and Recommendations
You will earn free gems as you go further in the levels and complete the quests. To earn more recommendations buy premium items which have recommendations with them, they may cost you more gems so save the gems. Gong up the level is another option to unlock more premium items, they will only cost coins and not gems.

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