How to earn Elite: Dangerous PC Bounties, Extra Rewards, Weapons and More, Tips Guide

Elite: Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous is the game having combination of space adventure, combat stimulator and trading. It is the fourth generation of Elite video game series. Here the player gets an opportunity to explore realistic open world galaxy. The galaxy is designed on the basis of Milky Way.

This multiple player game is available on Windows and OS X. The player's actions will turn the future gameplay. Bounty Hunting is the most interesting way to explore the galaxy. The game has lots of options for the new players for earning wealth. This guide will help you in getting success in the Bounty hunting in Elite: Dangerous.

Elite: Dangerous

How to earn Elite: Dangerous PC Bounties:


There are loads of rewards waiting for you in the bounty hunting. Rewards vary from 1000CR for a kill or a combat may even earn you thousands of credits. Sometimes the hunt becomes dangerous. While you are on hunt and killing you will gather the enemies around you. Not all you meet at Milky Way are your friends. Keep a watch on there wanted status. You may end up becoming an enemy of a friendly faction of yours. There is nothing to worry about if you have a pocket full of in game currency.

Utility Mounts

The player has to choose correct weapons on the bounty hunt. But the other components are also important. The winning and losing depends on the key of the Utility Mounts. While chasing you can use different tools like Frame Shift Drive Interdictor and Frame Shift Wake Scanner. Even there are varieties in these like low energy and high energy wake. You can catch up the escaping enemies with this Wake Scanners. Player can also use Kill Warrant Scanner, Shield Generator, Chaff Launcher, Point Defense Turret, etc.

Types of Weapons

Experiments on the use of weapons will help you to increase your Utility Mount. Pick the weapons according to the opponent and need. Do not just collect every thing and mess it up. There are three types of weapons that can be used in Elite: Dangerous they are fixed, gimbaled, and turreted.

Cash your Utilities

The most easiest aspect of the game is cashing the utilities. After Completing your quest and beating your enemy, go to your nearest station, and then to the Contacts page. Your rewards will be there for you at the Local Security Office. 

Fighting Ships

The most important thing that can change the course of the Bounty Hunting are the ships. The important ones are Anaconda, Python, and Imperial Clipper which is also called as Federal Dropship. You can also use Sidewinder during the starting of the game. Eagle is the fantastic ship which do not need more utilities. Also the Viper is best option. And if your having good amount of cash you can have Cobra.

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