How to get the 5 Best Hunter Helmets in Destiny

The Helmets in Destiny are most important armours. They protect the heads. They help in increasing various abilities of the player. It raises the melee attack speed, melee and grenade ability cooldowns, grenade throw distance, etc. Go through this guide on how to get the 5 Best Hunter Helmets in Destiny.

Destiny Hunter

How to get the 5 Best Hunter Helmets in Destiny:

Achylophage Symbiote

They told me it would eat my thoughts and leave me full of Light.

Achylophage Symbiote is a Hunter Helmet obtained by decryption of exotic and legendary helmet engrams which are bought from Xur or by the accomplishing nightfall strike. It is designed to be used with Gunslinger subclass.

Achylophage Symbiote

Achylophage Symbiote upgrades and features include:

  • Fastball: Grenade Throw distance increases.
  • Ashes to Asset: It replenishes Super energy when the enemy is killed by a grenade.
  • Last Man Standing: One additional shot of Golden gun is gained with every use.
  • Upgrade Defense x 4

Mask of the Third Man 

It wasn't me. It was the Third Man.

Another exotic Hunter helmet. The Mask of the Third Man can be sold by Xur in the Tower or you can obtain it from exotic or legendary Engram. It is designed to use with Bladedancer Hunter subclass.

Mask of the Third Man

Mask of the Third Man upgrades and features include:

  • Infusion: It replenishes health when you pick up orb of light it costs 250 Glimmers.
  • Switchblade: Melee attack speed increases.
  • Unstable Current: Less energy is used by Arc blade attacks.
  • Upgrade Defense x 4


Titan and a Hunter crash on Mars. Titan's helmet stops a Cabal slug. Hunter's helmet stops her from starving. Who lives?

The legendary Hunter Helmet by Vanguard. It is the part of the Dustwalker amour set. It can be bought from Cayde-6.


Dustwalker upgrades and features include:

  • Light the Blade: Melee cool down is reduced.
  • Inverse Shadow: Super energy is increased by killing the minions of Darkness.
  • Upgrade Defense x 5

ATS/8 Arachnid

Advanced tactical sensorium. Induced hallucinations integrate broad-spectrum targeting data.

ATS/8 Arachnid is an exotic Hunter helmet in The Destiny: The Dark Below. It can be obtained by completing the Weekly Nightfall or purchasing it from Xur and also by an exotic helmet Engram.

ATS/8 Arachnid

ATS/8 Arachnid upgrades and features include:

  • Light the Blade: Damage caused by melee is reduced.
  • Ashes to Asset: Super Power replenishes when three enemies are killed.
  • Arachnid Sensorium: Golden gun can be zoomed more while aiming.
  • Upgrade Defense x 4

Astrolord Cover 

The fiercest contest lies ahead. This is irrefutable.

Astrolord Cover is a Legendary Hunter helmet by Future War Cult, and is part of the Astrolord armor set. It can be bought from Lakshmi 2.

Astrolord Cover

Astrolord Cover upgrades and features include:

  • Ashes to Asset: Super Ability energy replenish faster by the Grenade killings.
  • Energize: Armour defense rating increases but locks in all previous choices.
  • Incisive Maintenance: Melee hits increase the grenade energy.
  • Upgrade: Armor defense rating increases.

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