How to get Evolve Achievements, Complete List


The First-Person Shooter, action packed game Evolve will be released this February. Here we are ready with the Achievements Guide of the game for you. 

Evolve is set on Shear, a distant planet located in the "Far Arm" of space, that humanity has traveled to in the distant future. The established colonies, considered the most valuable in this region of space, are soon attacked by malevolent alien Monsters.

Developed by Turtle Rock Studios it is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. Read for the tips and tricks to win the achievements in the Evolve. And stay tuned to Gamepur for more guides and tips on the game.   


How to get Evolve Achievements, Complete List

5 GamerScore Points

  • Ninja Time! 

The player will have to Destroy a Hunter and must not get any damage outside of the Tutorials

  • Death to Tyranny 

Help to save a teammate from a Tyrant outside of the Tutorials

  • Thank You 

Watch all the credits till the end

  • Left For Dead 

Give damage to a Hunter and leave him to bleed out outside of the Tutorials

  • Hotswapaholic 

Immobilize a Monster with every class in a match

  • Evolution Mania! 

Outside of the Tutorials, evolve to Stage 3 acting as a Monster 25 times 

  • Gotcha! 

Attack the only living Hunter at the end of tutorials to end a match.

  • Counter Strike 

The player will have to attack a hunter within 15 secs as they leave for hunt, out of the tutorial.

  • I Live...Redux 

Immobilize, hotswap, and revive yourself

  • Equal Opportunity Hunters 

Win a match with half of the team as the opposite sex outside of the Tutorials

  • #shearproblems 

Finish 100 objects outside of the Tutorials

  • Instant Artist 

Create a Badge in the Profile Badge creator

10 GamerScore Points

  • Wildlife Genocidist 

Destroy 1,390 wildlife outside of the Tutorials

  • Death From Above 

Destroy the Monster while in mid-air outside of the Tutorials

  • Bone Jockey 

Win a match while having spent most of the time in the air outside of the Tutorials

  • Helping Hand 

Revive 25 incapacitated Hunters outside of the Tutorials

  • Basic Training 

Finish the Hunter's Tutorial

  • Cardboard Tier 

Finish the Monster's Tutorial

  • Beat Them All 

Win a match in all online game modes

15 GamerScore Points

  • Inconceivable 

Destroy the Monster without taking any damage outside of the Tutorials

  • If It Bleeds 

Win 25 matches in Hunt

  • Knock-Knock 

Win 25 matches in Defend

  • We're Not Assassins 

Win 25 matches in Rescue

  • Payback Time 

Win 25 matches in Nest

20 GamerScore Points

  • Massacre 

Destroy an entire Hunter team as a Stage 1 Monster

  • Mano A Monster 

Destroy a Stage 3 Monster while being the only Hunter alive outside of the Tutorials

  • Vegan Police 

Win a match as a Hunter without Destroying any creatures.

  • Premade 

Win a round of Hunt while in a party of 4 players

  • Mud Monster 

Win a match having spent most of your time in Sneak outside of the Tutorials

  • Natural Selection 

Finish an entire Evacuation campaign without dying

  • Unbeatable 

Win a match as a Monster without doing damage to the Hunters until Stage 3 outside of the Tutorials

  • Award Addiction 

Acquire 25 unique Awards

  • Teacher's Pet 

Get Gold in the Monster Tutorial

  • Got A Gold Star 

Get Gold in the Hunter Tutorial

25 GamerScore Points

  • Squerly 

Achieve 95% or higher accuracy against predators in a match outside of the tutorials

  • Invincible 

Win a match in under 2:05 minutes

  • Classless 

Win a match without using your Class Ability

  • Taste of Shear 

Destroy one of each creature on Shear outside of the Tutorials With Our Powers Combined Win Evacuation as a Hunter

  • Get Off My Planet 

Win Evacuation as a Monster

30 GamerScore Points

  • Collect Them All! 

Unlock All The Hunters And Monsters

  • Cockroach 

Destroy the Monster while incapacitated outside of the Tutorials

  • The Monster 

Reach Elite status for a Monster

  • The Hunter 

Reach Elite status for a Hunter

  • Darwinism 

Win a match without losing any health as a Monster outside of the Tutorials

  • Strategist 

Watch all Tutorial Videos

85 GamerScore Points

  • Apex Predator 

Achieve rank 40

90 GamerScore Points

  • 12-Sided Die 

Reach Elite status on all Hunters

  • Three of a Kind 

Reach Elite status on all Monsters

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