How to get The Order: 1886 Trophies, Complete List

The Order: 1886

Just a few hours ago the trophies list for The Order: 1886  has been revealed. Currently there are twenty two trophies revealed which includes one Platinum, seven Gold and fourteen silver trophies.

For those who are unaware: The Order: 1886 is set in an alternate history London, where an old order of knights keep all of the world safe from half breed monsters, who are a combination of animal and man. 

In the game's history, around the seventh or eighth centuries a small number of humans took on bestial traits. The majority of humans feared these half breeds and war broke out. 

Despite the humans outnumbering the half breeds, their animal strength gave them the upper hand in centuries of conflict.

The Order 1886

How to get The Order: 1886 Trophies:


  • The Grail

Collect all Trophies


  • A Knight No More

Hidden Trophy

  • The Marksman

Kill 5 enemies with a headshot during Blacksight

  • Well Rounded

Kill an enemy with every weapon

  • Modern Marvels

Kill 40 enemies with science weapons

  • Collateral Damage

Kill 3 enemies with a single explosion

  • Inspector First Class

Find all inspect items

  • Brilliant!

Shoot an airborne grenade during Blacksight


  • Between the Eyes

Kill 100 enemies with a headshot

  • Undivided Attention

Kill 25 enemies during Blacksight

  • From the Hip

Kill 25 enemies without aiming

  • Box Your Ears

Kill 15 enemies with melee attacks

  • Snuffed Out

Kill 7 enemies with silent takedowns

  • Gunslinger

Kill 75 enemies with pistols

  • The Hunter

Kill 10 Lycans

  • Up in Flames

Incinerate 15 enemies

  • Archivist

Collect all phonograph cylinders

  • Well-read

Inspect all newspapers

Detail Oriented
Inspect all photographs and documents

  • Power of Observation

Inspect all objects

  • Discombobulated

Stun an enemy 30 times with the M2 ‘Falchion'

  • Highly Volatile

Detonate 10 powder kegs

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