Grey Goo Ultimate Beta: Tips for Better Attack, Placement of Hubs, Resources, Refiners and Extractors, Silos and more

Grey Goo

There are three main factions in Grey Goo, the Humans, the Beta, or the Goo. Be one of these to complete a single-player campaign or play in a competitive multiplayer mode versus other players. 

Check out the tips guide for becoming the ultimate Beta in Grey goo.

Grey Goo

Create Base

In this game use your imagination to create bases, you can do so anywhere in the game and as you please. The Base operations in Grey Goo is never a solid structure. If you are interested in creating many smaller bases instead of one, use Hubs and defensive emplacements. This way the Beta can have a strong army of forces. Be smart while choosing the location of your base, scatter them around the map and use walls or lower positions to distract the enemy.

Protect Central Hub

If your central Hub goes down, it will take down all the surrounding structures. The aliens in this game are very smart. They will smartly organize an attack for causing maximum damage. The Grey Goo beta is not as aggressive as it should be in this game. It will often choose slow strategies instead of aggressive styles.

Create Building grid

Use your resources to the fullest, you have many. If you use a little thought to place the huge number of building that you have in a proper way, it will help create defensive structures. Buildings are the beginning points for Beta leaps. Be sure of rebuilding the destroyed building if not you will lose this game easily. Try to create a grid of your buildings for more protection.


You need to have a very strong economy before you can start building major structures. Focus on building an advanced Refinery. You will need Extractors for this purpose. Place your refinery and extractors near Catalyst Spigot or rock formation. When you place the Extractor on resources it will fill the Catalyst from the ground to be transported with Harvesters to the Refinery. Now the Catalyst will be added to the refinery, protect your refinery and extractor as you will have one of the each.


If you are finding the Catalyst insufficient you will have to build more number of Silos. If you reach the maximum number of Refineries the Catalyst will dry up easily. It is advisable to use a Small Hub with one Refinery and one Silo.

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