How to Complete GTA 5 Online Series A Funding Heist : Trash Truck

GTA 5 Online

To complete the GTA 5 Online Series A Funding Heist : Trash Truck you will need a team of four players. This mission will start at the recycling center on Alta Street in Chamberlain Hills, South L.S.

You need to get hold of a Trash Truck and collect molly pills in trash bags from Vagos drop-offs. Your aim is to deliver these bags to the contractor at his warehouse.

GTA 5 Online

When you reach the recycling center, take care of the guards, which wont be much of a situation. Place your members in such a way that two of them will stand on the sides of the Trashmaster and other two in the passenger seats. When all of you get inside, go to Forum Drive for collection.

After you reach, collect the trash and take it inside the Trashmaster, your next spot will be Vespucci Boulevard. Here you will face some interesting action, so be prepared.

Your next stop is Capital Boulevard and then the gas station on the Supply Street. Since you have a time limit for this mission, be sure that you use it well. It is quite easy to complete the Trash Truck task in the given time.

After the final collection head to the contractor's warehouse under the bridge. This is an action packed mission so be well prepared in every way possible, if completed in time, Trash Truck is one hell of a mission!

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