How to Complete GTA 5 Online Series A Funding Heist: Finale

GTA 5 Online

Now is the time that you get sweet fruits for your hardwork. You will have to reach the contractor's warehouse for the Finale of this Heist. Your main aim is to defend all the material that you brought in.

GTA 5 Online

For the final task, divide your team into two parts again. One team will protect from the northern side and other from the southern. The Finale will be active for 03:50 minutes within which you need to kill the enemies that are swarming the warehouse.

Your aim is to help in moving the vans loaded with the material. Using RPG's will be the most easiest option to deliver high amounts of damage.

When you take down all the enemies coming into the warehouse, get hold of the vans and take them to El Gordo Lighthouse. You must protect these vans by getting inside the Technical.

Now you will have eight minutes to reach the Lighthouse with the vans in proper condition. You will be attacked from nearly all the directions possible, so be prepared. The Finale will end when you park the vans near the El Gordo Lighthouse.

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