Bloodborne Guide On How To Level Up Before First Boss Cleric Beast


In Bloodborne players can level up as soon as they get their very first insight. With the help of insights you will be able to see things which were unseen before. You will get your first insight only by seeing the Cleric Beast. But in this manner there are chances that you lose your souls and Blood Echoes.


A simple way of gaining an insight without losing your souls is getting insight from an item in the sewers, after you gain even one insight point, go to the Hunters Dream with the help of the messenger's lanterns which you will find while exploring the ruined city of Yharnam.

In the Hunters dream you will now be able to see a doll only because now you have atleast one insight. When you invest your blood echoes in a skill you will gain a level. Each time you level, the next one will cost more echoes. Bloodborne is a game which you can progress on depending upon your skills.

Players can also get +1 insight as summoned player for helping others to defeat a boss in coop and you will also get an insight for using the Madman’s Knowledge Skull item. 

Tip: In Bloodborne Players can save their blood echoes by using a consumable called Bold Hunters Mark.

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