Bloodborne Glitch Allow PS4 Gamers To Make 1 Million Blood Echoes In 60 Secs, Duplicates Items


A new glitch has been discovered in PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne which allow players Infinite Blood Echoes and item. From Software is definitely going to patch this glitch, so make sure you take advantage of it as soon as possible because "1 Million Blood Echoes in 1 Minute" are on the line. Read below our full guide on: How To Make 1 Million Blood Echoes in a Minute In Bloodborne.


This Bloodborne Glitch allow PS4 gamers to duplicate any stackable item in the game by making use of the storage in Hunter's Dream. The exact working of the glitch is listed below:

  • Start a new game and create a second character.
  • Now with the second character go to the workshop in Hunter's Dream and put a Pebble in to the storage
  • Return to the title screen by pressing "Options" button and exit the game.
  • Switch back to your original character and select the option "Load Game" in the title screen
  • Now you need to clear out the storage of your main character
  • In the storage put the item you want to duplicate. To get unlimited Blood Echoes put ColdBlood in the storage, and if you want to duplicate any one of the upgrade material put that particular material in the storage
  • Now put in unlimited or as many Pebbles possible for you, it will get converted into the other item. If you run out of the Pebbles buy them from the merchant and keep pouring it into the storage. All of them will get converted into the item of your choice.
  • Repeat the step (just the one mentioned above about "Pebble") as many time as you want.

Still confused? More information on Bloodborne How To Make 1 Million Blood Echoes in a Minute, check out the video guide below:

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