Bloodborne PS4 Chalice Dungeons Beginners Guide and Boss Details


Chalice Dungeons in Bloodborne are vast underground ruins deep beneath the city of Yharnam.

These are procedurally-generated to create new situations every time you visit. Hunters have to perform the Chalice Ritual to get access to the Chalice Dungeons.


How to start with Bloodborne Chalice Dungeons

  • Firstly you will have to defeat Blood-starved Beast in the main campaign and get Pthumeru Chalice from this boss.
  • In the hunters dream got to the Bath Messengers and get the items you need to perform the Chalice Ritual
  • Go to one of the alters in the Hunters Dream and select Chalice Ritual
  • When you complete the Chalice Ritual you will come to your first Chalice Dungeons
  • Explore the area and find your own path to reach the bosses
  • A lantern will appear after you defeat the boss which will be a check point

Tip: to unlock Chalice Dungeons PvP use this path Pthumeru > Central Pthumeru > Hintertomb > Lower Hintertomb

Bloodborne Chalice Dungeons Bosses

Abhorrent Beast
You will find this in Ailing Loran. Abhorrent Beast will drop Blood Echoes and Lower Loran Chalice

Beast-possessed Soul

(details will be updated soon)

Bloodletting Beast
It will drop Blood Echoes and Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice

Keeper of the Old Lords
It will drop Sharp Blood Gemstone and Blood Echoes

Merciless Watchers
You will find the Merciless Watchers in the third layer of the dungeon who will drop 1183 Blood Echoes - Pthumer root chalice

Pthumerian Descendant

(details will be updated soon)

Undead Giant
You will find the Undead Giant in the first layer of the dungeon and he will drop around 1425 Blood Echoes and 2 Adept Blood Gemstone

Watch Dog of The Old Lords
This enemy will drop Central Pthmeru Chalice and 1866 Blood Echoes 

Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen
Find it in the PthumeruIhyll Chalice to get Yharnam Stone and Blood Echoes

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