How To Get Destiny Strange Coins To Buy Xur: Agent of the Nine Exotic Items


The recent controversies related to the most secretive vendor that appears in Bungie's Destiny, Xur The agent of nine were taken so seriously only because destiny gamers are very serious about what they wish to get from this vendor when he arrives in the tower.

But are we gamers ready with a lot of strange coins to buy the most desired items from Xur?


If Guardians will play smart and using little tactics, they will realize that even strange coins can be farmed by carrying out simple tasks. If you still have not given this a thought, here is guide on how to farm for Strange coins.

Strange coins are not only used to buy exotics from Xur but you can also use them to get Exotic Shards which are highly helpful for upgrading exotic gear. 

The main source for getting a lot of Strange coins is through the Weekly Heroic Strikes, by completing the strikes you will have gained a sure number of Strange coins every time. The only negative part of this is, you will gain the number of Strange coins depending upon what level you are on. If you are on level twenty four you will get three strange coins, for level twenty eight you will get six strange coins and if you are on level thirty you will get a whooping nine strange coins. A simple trick if to first play on a smaller level and then on the bigger one to earn extra coins.

Strange coins can be found by completing other tasks like taking part in the Crucible or Decoding an Engram also. Another way is to save up by not visiting Xur for one week, do the strikes for that week and you will end up with a sufficient amount to spend when you visit Xur after a week's gap.

You can also create more than one Guardian characters in Destiny. This will help in combining the efforts that you took for various characters and add strange coins through the vault to save up much more than what you had wished for.

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