Bloodborne PS4 Progress Route Guide Including Optional Bosses and Chalice Dungeons


Its been a few days since the launch of From Software's Bloodborne for PS4 and not all of our fellow Hunters have beaten or completed all the bosses that are a part of Bloodborne.

Here is the progress route guide for Bloodborne which includes optional bosses along with the main big guys so that none of the Hunters miss any part of Bloodborn.


After you complete the intro part of Bloodborne you will find yourself in the Central Yharnam. Find the Cleric Beast and beat him, this is your first Bloodborne Boss.

Find your second Bloodborne boss, Father Gascogine at the end of Central Yharnam. After collecting certain items you will be able to upgrade your weapons.

Go from the Cathedral Ward into Old Yharnam, here you will find the Blood Starved Beast which is an optional boss. 

Facing the kidnapper from some locations will get you kidnapped if you are killed by this enemy. You will reach a place called Yahar'gul where you will find another optional boss. After you solve a puzzle you will have an NPC rescued. This NPC will be dead if you don't face the kidnapper.

If you defeat the Blood Starved Beast, you will unlock a path in the chapel and more of the optional things.

Get the Hunter Chief Emblem from the Hunter's Dream, which will help you progress to the Grand Cathedral (you can also use the path you just unlocked in the chapel) 

Face the fourth boss Vicar Amelia in the Grand Cathedral. Get the Tonsil Stone from any door/window NPC after talking to them. It will help in reaching Nightmare Frontier (through lecture building) and you will find one more optional boss.

When you enter the Hemwick Charnel Lane you will face the fifth boss, Witch of Hemwick, this boss is also optional. You can collect runes from this boss.

If you have successfully defeated Vicar Amelia you will be able to get into the Forbidden Woods. You will get an item from the Isefka's clinic which will help in unlocking another optional area. Try not to kill any NPCs here to avoid missing an interesting area.

Face your sixth boss at the end of the forbidden woods, Shadow of Yharnam. 

In Hemwick you will get summons from the Iosefka's Clinic and enter the Forsaken Castle Cainhurst. You will face your seventh boss Martyr Logarius here. This boss is again optional and a bit difficult to beat, if you are not sure, come back later and kill it successfully. If you beat this boss it will give you access to complete the NPCs quests.

Next you can enter Brygenwerth from the Forbidden Woods and face the eight boss here, Rom, the Vacuous Spider. Be prepared as you world will now change. This is where you can start the NPC questlines.

Now enter Yahar'gul, Unseen Village to face the ninth boss Darkbeast Paarl. If you keep going forward you will find The One Reborn, this is your tenth boss in Bloodborne.

To find the eleventh boss Celestial Emissary, look for a key behind a locked door in Cathedral Ward and enter the Upper Cathedral Ward.

In this area you will find your 12th Bloodborne boss Ebriteas, Daughter of the Cosmos. This is again an optional boss. Beat this boss later if you feel like.

You will now unlock a chalice and access to alter which is a part of the NPC quest.

Get into the Lecture Building to reach Nightmare Frontier or Nightmare of Mensis, this is an optional area containing the thirteenth boss of Bloodborne Amygdala, who gives a chalice. You can reach this area using the Tonsil Stone earlier in the game.

By getting into the Nightmare of Mensis you will face the 14th Bloodborne boss, Micolash, Host of the Nightmare.

In the same area you will find Mergo's Wet Nurse who is the 15th Bloodborne boss.

This is the point where you can reach three different endings in Bloodborne:

  • If you are killed by Gherman you will not find any more bosses.
  • If you refuse Gherman you will go on to fight the 16th boss: Gherman, the First Hunter. This is the second ending if you have not fulfilled some conditions.
  • If you find and use the three umbilical cords (Guide here) you will unlock the third ending. Just refuse Gherman and defeat him, this will lead you to Moon Presence, which is your last boss in Bloodborne.

An important part of Bloodborne is the Chalice dungeons. (Here is a guide for beginners) In the Chalice Dungeons, levels or difficulty of each dungeon is determined by the 'depth' which is from one to five. You will find a lot of interesting bosses in the dungeons, nine to be precise. (You will find their names and details in the link given above) Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen is the last boss of Chalice Dungeons. You have four main types of Chalice Dungeons, out of which three are in the main game and one within one of the three dungeons.

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