Bloodborne Saw Cleavers Bonus Damage Mythbusters: More Damage to Grotesquely Transformed Beasts, Not All


Saw Cleavers in Bloodborne were the very first weapons to be shown off when the Hunter character for Bloodborne was revealed. This weapon can be used as a pole arm with a long handle which makes use of the large force to slice the one at the receiving end. 


Recently one of the Bloodborne players using Reddit discovered that Saw Cleavers can cause more Damage than mentioned in the stats given by the developers of this game. It is being said that the Saw Cleavers cause around 20% more damage than the mentioned number. The extra damage is occurring because of the "blood-letting teeth" of the blade, it would deal more damage to the more grotesquely transformed monsters.

This was just a theory or claim which no one thought was true until another Reddit user Brodrian tested it and came to interesting conclusions. This Hunter found that Saw Cleavers do cause more damage but to only a few of Bloodborne enemies and not all.

He tested this theory against another weapon, Threaded Cane and compared the damage caused each time:

Threaded Cane cause 65 damage to a Villager, Saw Cleaver caused 64

   Bloodborne Villager

Threaded Cane cause 71 damage to a Hounds, Saw Cleaver caused 64

Bloodborne Hound   Bloodborne Hound

Threaded Cane cause 52 damage to a Werewolf Man, Saw Cleaver caused 52

Bloodborne Warewolf One   Bloodborne Warefwolf 1

Threaded Cane cause 44 damage to a Another Werewolf, Saw Cleaver caused 53

Werewolf   Warewolf 2

So Bloodborne Hunters! Its time to buckle up and start searching for the beasts who can take more damage from the Saw Cleavers. We have already set out on our path. If you come across a worthy name dont forget to drop it in the comment section below. 

Source: Imgur

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