How to Fix Half-life 2: Update PC Graphic Issues, Black screen, Crashes, Launch Issues, Achievements and more

Half-life 2: Update

Half Life 2 Update is a free update by the Half Life 2 community which includes awesome improvements in lighting and comes with a Community Commentary Mode. But still there are a couple of bugs in this version of the PC game. Be rest assured and read on for the most simple solutions to the bugs and errors for Half Life 2 Update.

Half-life 2: Update

How ot Fix Half-life 2: Update Issues and Errors:

Graphic Issues

First of all be sure that you have updated all the related drivers and also that your system meets the minimum hardware requirements required to run this game smoothly. 

Issues with windows 8

Follow these steps if you are not able to play this game on Windows 8 

  • Select Properties by right clicking on the Steam Logo
  • Select Set Launch Options from General Tab
  • Use flags: windowed-noborder
  • Now run the game and select the highest resolution that your screen can support

Black screen issue 

The black screen issue in Half-life 2: Update will be eliminated if you update the related graphic card drivers. If the issue still persists try to run this game in the windowed mode.

Random Crashes

If you are facing random crashes while playing Half-life 2: Update try making a new character as this issue is causing when you take a guard down or if you are in a anticitizen zone.

issues with Gordon's Car

Be sure that you do a hard jump, for that hit turbo just before the front wheels touch the gravel, which fills the ramp.

Issues with Achievements

We hope the developers soon fix this via patch, meanwhile play this game with cheats and commentary disabled.

Launch Issues

There are issues with the launching of this game for those who are playing it on the Windows 10 version, try to run the game in windowed mode.

Issues with commentary mode

For those who are playing this game in the commentary mode and are not able to pick-up the boxes, you need to disable this mode. This is not a game breaking glitch and you will be able to continue without any more issues. 

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