GTA V Online Pacific Standard Heists Finale: Faster & Safer Route To Complete, Map Details Inside

GTA V Online

In GTA V Online The Pacific Standard Job is the final piece in the whole The Pacific Standard Job Heist.

The official description of this heist is: Clear out the flagship branch of the Pacific Standard Bank on Vinewood Blvd. Bust into the bank, control the crowd, crack the vault, pull out what you can, and make a getaway on the bikes.

GTA V Online

GTA gamers are finding this heist slightly frustration when done using motorcycles, but here is a simple method discovered by a Reddit user Erediv, I found this method to be super fun and easy with which I managed to reach with full $1.25 million. 

Faster & Safer Route To Complete GTA Online Pacific Standard Heists Final

When you start robbing the bank, shoot the hostages, this will make SWAT come to get you. Plan your escape in such a way that only one of you is holding the money and three others are protecting the one with all the cash. If your team co-ordinates things well it is an easy task to reach the Lectros with $1.25 million. 

When you leave take a look at the map and let one of your team member follow the blue colored path i.e. the path you would normally take. The other three members should wait with their vehicles at the start of the route. 


The one member who set off on the blue path will see SWAT vehicle very soon on this road. That member should take this car back to the beginning of this route and pick up the other members. 

Now start off on the red path and keep in mind that the two members sitting at the back don't shoot out. You will come across a lot of road blocks, but the confinements of a car will be much more safe than being on the motorcycle.

Do not relax when you reach Dinghy, as cops will follow till you complete the mission which will be a few seconds more. Wipe out all the cops from Dinghy and get on the boat. Cops can attack when you are on the boat so be on a safer side and place someone at the shore at Dinghy.

Source: Reddit

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