How To Play Shinnok In Mortal Kombat X, PS4 Control For Main Moves, Fatalities & Brutalities Revealed

Mortal Kombat X Shinnok

Once you get to Shinnok's Necromancer Variation, you are able to use a giant skeletal hand that is perfect to deal with the opponent who prefer to move around a lot. That hand, which is the size of an average Mortal Kombat X fighter, can hold your opponent in place or, for example, execute a huge flick with devastating effects.

Mortal Kombat X Shinnok Screenshot

While being Necromancer, Shinnok will retain his core abilities and that means he is still lacking good ranged attacks. So you have to act fast before your opponent can get free of your moves and counter.

Here you have Necromancer's main moves, as performed on PlayStation 4:

  • Charging Shoulder: Back, Forward, X
  • Hell Sparks: Down, Back, Triangle
  • Amulet Strike: Back, Forward, Square
  • Summoned Fiend: Down, Forward, Circle
  • Judgement Fist: Down, Back, Square
  • Devil's Flick: Back, Forward, Triangle

What if you prefer Shinnok's Imposter variation? Well, if you really prefer it, that means you don't think Shinnok's original move set isn't extensive enough.

Imposter retains Shinnok main set of moves but loses the ability to summon hands (as seen with Necromancer) in exchange for an air teleport and the skill to steal one of your enemy's special attacks.

Here you have Imposter's main moves, as performed on PlayStation 4:

  • Charging Shoulder: Back, Forward, X
  • Hell Sparks: Down, Back,
  • Amulet Strike: Back, Forward, Square
  • Mimicry: Down, Back, Square
  • Air Tricky Portal: (Air), Down, Up

If you are searching for a balanced version of Shinnok, here you have it: Bone Shaper loses some power against Imposter and Necromancer, but gains ranged attack that can reveal very useful.

In fact, Bone Shaper can summon a bone scepter instead of that huge skeletal hand, and with this scepter, he can even reach the other end of the screen. This could be great if you are looking for some surprise attack near the end of the fight.

  • Charging Shoulder: Back, Forward,
  • Hell Sparks: Down, Back, Triangle
  • Scepter Slam: Down, Forward,
  • Scepter Strike: Down, Back,
  • Dark Beam: Back, Forward, Square


  • (Mid-range) Down, Back, Forward, Down, Up
  • (Mid-range) Down, Up, Down, Up, R2


  • Back, Forward + Square
  • X-Ray (L2+R2 with full meter)

Shinnok's X-Ray technique is among gamers' favorite and this doesn't come as a surprise to us. It comes with no real indication from Sinnok himself, right from below the opponent (it's the only case in Mortal Kombat X), and there's no way you can dodge or block its execution.

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