How to take, save and upload Screenshots on Xbox One

Screenshots on Xbox One

Take, save and to upload Screenshots on Xbox One is very easy, but this feature is been added recently in March 2015 Xbox One Firmware Update as previously only record option was present, so make sure that your Xbox One firmware is up to date, if you willing to take screenshots easy way. (Hint: Settings -> System -> Update Console.)

Screenshots on Xbox One

If you want to Pause your gameplay for an epic moment and save it as a screenshot then share it with your friends easy way then follow following steps:

  1. Please start your game in which you want to take screenshots. (Note: It doesn't work while browsing Xbox One menu or dashboard etc, you have to be in-game).
  2. Hit the Xbox Button on your controller twice which brings up Snap menu, now hit Y as indicated on-screen. This will take and save your Screenshot. It's simply called Snap-app. If using Kinect then simply say these magical words to take the screenshot "Xbox, Take A Screenshot".
  3. To upload & share your taken screenshot at the social services like Twitter, OneDrive and Xbox One own Activity Feed or to share it in a private message etc, Go to the Upload App from Games & apps and open My captures, select the Screenshot you need to share and Hit the Menu button and select Share and then select service of your choice to share with.

Tip: To set your Screenshot as the background of your Xbox One dashboard go the Upload and After selecting desired screenshot from My Captures hit the Menu button and select 'Set as background'.

Hopefully, this guide helps you in taking amazing screenshots on Xbox One successfully. Let us know in comments if you face any problem regarding this Screenshot feature of Xbox One.

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