Destiny: House of Wolves Mega Guide "New Exotic Weapons, Legendary Weapons, Gear" & More Revealed

Destiny: House of Wolves

With patch 1.2.0 for Destiny released, all the items included in the upcoming House of Wolves have been discovered. As you can see below, the amount of new items included in House of Wolves, the second expansion of Bungie's shared-world first-person shooter, looks satisfying for both hardcore gamers and those who are trying to get back to the game after a period of absence from it.

Destiny: House of Wolves

  • Five Exotic Weapons.
  • Nine Exotic Armor pieces (3 per class). Most are similar to what we knew months ago but several have changed drastically.
  • Trials of Osiris' "Adept" weapons are Primaries which can be Arc/Solar/Void.
  • Only two Sidearms seen: Vestian Dynasty and Dreg's Promise.



  • 347 Vesta - It's a scout rifle with improved accuracy while airborne. Kills can trigger either +Armor or +Agility. It's a weapon with moderate impact and a good stability.
  • Fate of All Fools - This one is a scout rifle, too, with chain body shots for bonus precision dmg. It has high impact and range, but poor stability.


  • Queenbreakers' Bow - It's a fusion rifle with arc damage. It has a magazine of 6, can either be a fusion-style sniper or fast-charge fusion rifle.
  • Dreg's Promise - It's a sidearm with Arc Damage and guaranteed ammo on-spawn. What's good with it is that melee kills might fill the magazine. It has high ricochet shock rounds, high ROF, good stability, 18 shot magazine.
  • Lord of Wolves - This is a shotgun with solar damage. Each kill gives allies +3 recovery for 30 seconds. It has very high impact but terrible stats overall, apart from 30-shot magazine.

EXOTIC ARMOR: (Armor - Subclass - Slot - Description)


  • Celestial Nighthawk - Gunslinger - Helmet - Golden Gun fires ONE shot, 6x damage + Keyhole.
  • Khepri's Sting - Neutral - Gauntlets - Gain invisibility after short crouch. (Like Stalker perk.) Melee from behind while invisible deals 4x damage.
  • Bones of Eao - Neutral - Boots -Upgrades Double Jump with additional jump.


  • Eternal Warrior    - Striker - Helmet - Gives Unstoppable class perk for Fist of Havoc.
  • ACD/0 Feedback Fence - Neutral - Gauntlets - Taking melee damage creates AOE damage burst around you.
  • Peregrine Greaves - Striker - Boots - Shoulder Charge deals bonus damage mid-air.


  • The Ram    Voidwalker - Helmet - Armor boost. All Voidwalker melees trigger Life Steal on hit.
  • Nothing Manacles - Voidwalker - Gauntlets - +1 Scatter Grenade. Enables tracking for Scatter grenades.
  • Purifier Robes - Sunsinger - Chest - Activating Radiance from death disorients nearby enemies.


Prison of Elders: The four Prison of Elders Primaries have a "II" version which can have elemental damage.

(Weapons - Type - Description)

  • Wolfslayer's Claw - Auto Rifle - High Impact, so-so stats. Similar to Shadow Price.
  • Six Dreg Pride - Hand Cannon - High Impact. An improved Red Hand IX.
  • Wolves' Leash - Scout Rifle - Fast ROF. Nearly identical to B-Line Trauma.
  • Aegis of the Kell - Pulse Rifle - Fast ROF. Good Stability, poor Range.
  • Vestian Dynasty    - Sidearm - Guaranteed ammo on-spawn. Anti-Fallen perks. Exceptional ROF and Stability.
  • Wolfborne Oath - Shotgun - Solar damage. +25% melee damage for short time after hitting target. Anti-Fallen perks. Very close to Swordbreaker.
  • Shadow of Veils    - Sniper Rifle - Arc Damage. Mag filled when Super cast. Anti-Fallen perks. Close to LDR 5001.
  • Servant of Aksor - Fusion Rifle - Arc damage. Improved Target Acquisition. Anti-Fallen perks. Highest Impact. Nearly identical to 77 Wizard. <3
  • Chains of Orbiks-Fel - Machine Gun - Void damage. Counterbalance. Anti-Fallen perks. Medium Impact. An improved Zombie Apocalypse WF47.
  • The Last Rebellion - Rocket Launcher - Void damage. Clown Cartridge. Anti-Fallen perks. Highest Blast Radius, poor Velocity.

Trials of Osiris

  • The Summoner - Auto Rifle - High Impact, good stats. Very similar to Shadow Price.
  • Jewel of Osiris    - Hand Cannon - High Impact. Nearly identical to Fatebringer.
  • The Scholar - Scout Rifle - Highest Impact. Good Stability. Compares to Badger CCL.
  • The Messenger - Pulse Rifle -Highest Impact. Balanced stats.
  • Astral Horizon    - Shotgun - Void damage. Mag filled when Super cast. +Grenade/Melee cooldown on unassisted kills. Basically Felwinter's Lie.
  • Eye of Sol - Sniper Rifle - Solar damage. +Grenade/Melee cooldown on unassisted kills. Easier to aim under fire. Highest ROF. Much like Prudence II.
  • Exile's Curse - Fusion Rifle - Solar damage. Better aim from hip. Swapping to this weapon briefly gives more accuracy. Close to Light of the Abyss.
  • The Infinite Theorem - Machine Gun - Arc Damage. Third Eye. Quick reload with empty mag. High Impact. A more stable Deviant Gravity-A.
  • Tomorrow's Answer - Rocket Launcher - Void damage. 3-shot mag. Proximity detonation. Closest to Unfriendly Giant.
  • The Summoner (Adept) - Auto Rifle
  • Jewel of Osiris (Adept) - Hand Cannon
  • The Scholar (Adept) - Scout Rifle
  • The Messenger (Adept) - Pulse Rifle

Queen's Wrath

  • Her Right Hand    Auto Rifle
  • Her Mercy    Hand Cannon
  • Hygiea Noblesse    Scout Rifle
  • Payment VI    Pulse Rifle
  • Her Courtesy    Shotgun
  • Her Benevolence    Sniper Rifle
  • Techeun Force    Fusion Rifle
  • Wolves' Bane    Machine Gun
  • The Dreamwaker    Rocket Launcher

New Faction Weapons

(Weapons - Type - Faction)

  • Deadshot Luna SR1    Scout Rifle    Dead Orbit
  • Rude Awakening DOA - Shotgun    - Dead Orbit
  • Arma Engine DOA    - Machine Gun - Dead Orbit
  • Vindicator XI    Auto Rifle    New Monarchy
  • Violator XII    Sniper Rifle    New Monarchy
  • Pacifier X    Machine Gun    New Monarchy
  • The Fulcrum    Hand Cannon    Future War Cult
  • The Frenzy    Fusion Rifle    Future War Cult
  • The Fear    Rocket Launcher    Future War Cult

Faction Weapons - Remakes

  • Unwilling Soul-09 - Auto Rifle - Dead Orbit
  • Final Rest II    Fusion Rifle    Dead Orbit
  • Exodus Plan RS/1 - Rocket Launcher - Dead Orbit
  • Red Hand IX    Hand Cannon    New Monarchy
  • Judgment VI    Shotgun     - New Monarchy
  • Admonisher III    Rocket Launcher    New Monarchy
  • The Conduit    Pulse Rifle    Future War Cult
  • The Chosen    Sniper Rifle    Future War Cult
  • The Culling    Machine Gun    Future War Cult


  • Pest Control Matrix    Auto Rifle
  • Amplified Geo-D6    Sniper Rifle
  • GIVE/Take Equation    Fusion Rifle
  • Sawtooth Oscillator    Machine Gun
  • First Rule DHYB    Auto Rifle
  • AR760 Truth Serum    Auto Rifle
  • Dispatch I11    Auto Rifle
  • Low Down P-XIV    Auto Rifle
  • The Revelator    Hand Cannon
  • Ill Will    Hand Cannon
  • Loner.Rebel    Hand Cannon
  • Up the Ante    Hand Cannon
  • NL Shadow 701X    Scout Rifle
  • NA3D1 Salvation State    Scout Rifle
  • High Road Soldier    Scout Rifle
  • One/One Synesthete    Scout Rifle
  • Zero Point LOTP    Scout Rifle
  • Hopscotch Pilgrim    Pulse Rifle
  • KAU8 Constellation Scar    Pulse Rifle
  • Spare Change.25    Pulse Rifle
  • 55A-allFATE    Pulse Rifle
  • Matador 64    Shotgun
  • Party Crasher +1    Shotgun
  • Dry Rot 32    Shotgun
  • Hard Luck Charm    Shotgun
  • Low-Grade Humility    Sniper Rifle
  • 20/20 AMR7    Sniper Rifle
  • Subtle Nudge DN7    Sniper Rifle
  • Split Shifter Pro    Fusion Rifle
  • Snakebite Surgeon    Fusion Rifle
  • Unending Deluge III    Machine Gun
  • BTRD-345    Machine Gun
  • Backscratcher 9.0    Machine Gun
  • Pax Totalus EPR8    Rocket Launcher
  • Uppercut Payload    Rocket Launcher
  • Wastelander V2V    Rocket Launcher
  • The Ash Factory    Rocket Launcher


Prison of Elders

(Hunter - Titan - Warlock)

  • Kellhunter's Sight    Kellslayer's Helm    Kellbreaker's Mind
  • Kellhunter's Rally    Kellslayer's Grips    Kellbreaker's Gloves
  • Kellhunter's Blood    Kellslayer's Cuirass    Kellbreaker's Cloak
  • Kellhunter's Path    Kellslayer's Greaves    Kellbreaker's Path
  • Kellhunter's Hood    Mark of a Kellslayer    Dread's Enmity

Trials of Osiris - Watchers Set

  • Watchers' Grips    - Watchers' Gauntlets      Watchers' Gloves
  • Watchers' Vest    - Watchers' Plate    Watchers' Robe
  • Watchers' Boots    - Watchers' Greaves      Watchers' Boots

Trials of Osiris - of the Exile Set

  • Cover of the Exile    Helm of the Exile    Hood of the Exile
  • Grips of the Exile    Gauntlets of the Exile    Gloves of the Exile
  • Vest of the Exile    Plate of the Exile    Robe of the Exile
  • Boots of the Exile    Greaves of the Exile    Legs of the Exile
  • Cloak of the Exile    Mark of the Exile    Bond of the Exile

Queen's Guard

  • Queen's Guard Mask    Queen's Guard Helm    Queen's Guard Hood
  • Queen's Guard Grips    Queen's Guard Gauntlets    Queen's Guard Gloves
  • Queen's Guard Vest    Queen's Guard Plate    Queen's Guard Robes
  • Queen's Guard Boots    Queen's Guard Greaves    Queen's Guard Boots
  • Cloak of the Sixth Reign    Mark of the Queen's Guard    Bond of the Queen's Guard

Iron Banner - Iron Breed Set

  • Iron Breed Mask    Iron Breed Great Helm    Iron Breed Hood
  • Iron Breed Sleeves    Iron Breed Gauntlets    Iron Breed Gloves
  • Iron Breed Vest    Iron Breed Plate    Iron Breed Vestments
  • Iron Breed Boots    Iron Breed Greaves    Iron Breed Boots
  • Mantle of Perun    Silimar's Iron Sash    Felwinter's Iron Bond


Dead Orbit - Dead Light Set

  • Dead Light Cover    Dead Light Helm    Dead Light Hood
  • Dead Light Grips    Dead Light Gauntlets    Dead Light Grips
  • Dead Light Vest    Dead Light Plate    Dead Light Wrap
  • Dead Light Boots    Dead Light Greaves    Dead Light Greaves
  • Dead Light Cloak    Dead Light Mark    Ritual Expansion

New Monarchy - Elector's Set

  • Elector's Mask    Elector's Casque    Elector's Hood
  • Elector's Grip    Elector's Gauntlets    Elector's Gloves
  • Elector's Heart    Elector's Heart    Elector's Robe
  • Elector's Boots    Elector's Greaves    Elector's Boots
  • Cloak of Repair    Mark of the Initiative    Faceless Demise

Future War Cult - Immanent War Set

  • Mask of Immanent War    Immanent War Helm    Immanent War Hood
  • Immanent War Grips    Immanent War Gauntlets    Immanent War Gloves
  • Immanent War Vest    Immanent War Plate    Immanent War Robes
  • Immanent War Boots    Immanent War Greaves    Immanent War Legs
  • Cloak of Immanent War    Immanent War Mark    Immanent War


(Hunter Cloaks - Titan Marks - Warlock Bonds)

  • Wolves' Cloak    Mark of the Wolves    House of Wolves
  • Devils' Cloak    Mark of the Devils    House of Devils
  • Kings' Cloak    Mark of the Kings    House of Kings
  • Wetwork Cloak    Mark of Favor    Metastability Event
  • Fixer Cloak    Formation Mark    No Footprints
  • Competitor Match    Mark of the Dauntless    Wearable Collider
  • Melting Point    Holborn's Host Mark    The Conflagration

Armor Sets - Unlisted

(Hunter - Titan - Warlock)

  • "Sanction Custom"    "Commando Custom"    "Apex Harmonic"
  • "Sanction Six"    "Commando Type 0"    "Extropy Morph"
  • "Carnivore Match"    "Spearhead Type 0"    "Talion Grace"
  • "Fear Eater"    "Ursus Tactical"    "Unity Clade"


  • Wolf Hunter BKR
  • Coldsnap BKR
  • Kingslayer BKR
  • Devils' Due BKR
  • Ceres Galliot
  • Hildian Seeker
  • Sun Current
  • Draught of Nectar


  • Fortuna Burn
  • The Queen's Web


  • Treasure Key


  • Judgment's Grant
  • Judgment's Honor

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