Destiny House of Wolves Guide: Prison of Elders Treasure Chest Loot Explained

Destiny: House of Wolves Treasure Chest Loot

Completing the lvl 28 version as it is required before attempting any other will grant you access to the treasure room where there is access to three chests. Using your treasure key here for the first run for the week will result in: "A guaranteed exotic weapon roll, A guaranteed queens wrath weapon.

Destiny: House of Wolves Treasure Chest Loot

The exotic role is for the first treasure chest opening per week on that character regardless of what level you attempt it on. Opening another treasure chest on the same character after your first run will result it

A guaranteed queens wrath weapon
So to further clarify if you choose not to use your treasure key in the lvl 28 version regardless of what version you open your first chest on, if it is your first chest for that week on that character you will receive the exotic weapon roll plus the queens wrath weapon.

The bonus for running the strike on a higher difficulty is the two smaller chests where at lvl 32 it will guarantee

- An armor core

At lvl 34 it will guarantee
A weapon core -Etheric light

And on lvl 35 it will guarantee

An armor core
A weapon core
Etheric light

These chests will also reward motes of light, strange coins, tokens of identity and other smaller rewards. You do not have to open the treasure chest to get these guaranteed rewards, the treasure chest is only there to be reopened if you are interested in another queens wrath weapon.

Armor cores, weapon cores and the etheric light are once per week drops per character on the respective level. You can run lvl 32 and get the armor core then run the lvl 34 and get the weapon core. But running them again on the same character will not reward it again.

Only lvl 28 you can reloot the smaller chests but not sure if you are able to reloot them on an higher respective level, although it is believed it most probable that the small chests when running it a second time may give motes of light and other smaller rewards. Looks like the small chests can be looted everytime and give the smaller rewards.

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