Top 21 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Tips and Tricks For Beginners About Gameplay, Free Roam, Attacks & Skills

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is out now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Many gamers are new to the series and are finding it difficult to game use to the game. So here is our 21 tips for beginners to help them. Please note, the following list of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Beginners Tips/Tricks may contain Minor Spoilers, but i can assure you it is not related to Story. So without much ado, here is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 21 Tips/Tricks For Beginners About Gameplay, Help/Support For Free Roam and Attacks/Skills.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  1. When in Free Roam, Do not be afraid to flee away when surrounded by number of wolves. It is ok if you can fight them but if you encounter more than 10 do not panic, just mash everything and flee. In case of Monster, you can grab his attention by using crossbows.
  2. If you want to survive and upgrade yourself you have to loot and sell again loot and sell so that you can buy new weapons and armour.
  3. Geralt can now jump, climb, and vault over smaller obstacles. You can also use jump while running. Try Using it.
  4. For the new Exploration and to survive within the city, villages, forest you need upgrade as I informed earlier you have to spend money. Don't be afraid to spend, you need alchemy recipes, bomb recipes, books, Gwent Cards and diagrams. The loots are spread and hidden everywhere around the world. Remember not to run out of the coins. You need to upgrade but the important once.
  5. For the Gwent Cards, you can bump into any new NPC around like the (merchant/herbalist/blacksmith/innkeeper) See if they play cards! if yes and you are lucky enough to win then you have the Gwent Cards from them. I have Got many of them so you can try.
  6. You need to find proper recipes/diagrams to upgrade potions, bombs and oils. So Be alert and upgrade it every time it will help you for a long run.
  7. You can use your Witcher Sense to find the hidden quest. Everything outlined in red colour is quest related. The rest is yellow.
  8. You can also activate the skills, go to the right side of the screen. The small slots are for skills, the big ones are for mutagens. There are 3 types and 3 sizes. The types are blue for boosts sign intensity, the green for the health boost and the red for attack power boost. They come in smaller, normal, greater sizes. The higher the upgrade depends on the size of the mutagens. Try combining  same size, same colour, into a bigger one on your alchemy tab.  
  9. The Most Important part, try to save often when exploring new locations and when free roaming.
  10. To be a Perfect Witcher. You need to Imagine and roleplay like Geralt's Skin. Before you start facing the monsters and other enemies you need to be ready with specific potions, oils and appropriate skills. Equip with the bombs after preparing it and constantly repair your gear before any tough fight. make sure you are properly Oiled and the sword is drawn and just kill the Beast.
  11. Just for the info, you cannot use oils when in combat. But also it never gets empty. So keep oiling.
  12. You can avoid hurting more from falling by mash and roll when you are just about to land. This avoids you from lowering the damage.
  13. Try Exploring the map. There are 3 types of locations crucial for Geralt - Places of Power where source of one permanent skill point per P.o.P.), the second is the Hidden/Guarded treasures where source of epic materials are found and the Third great weapons and armour, money, recipes, diagrams and Monster Nests where source of alchemy ingredients, materials, and adrenaline action and more.  
  14. For the quest level, do not be afraid do challenge higher level quests. It all depends on you how you apply the player skills. With the skills, the levels hardly matter.
  15. If you encounter an unexpected result due to your decisions, try not reloading the game. Try to overcome and live with the same. Don't worry just play and believe in the player to make a good/fair decision ahead in the game.
  16. The game gets easier as you earn skill points and unlock certain skills, Don't give up! just try to Upgrade your armour and abilities and you can survive. Believe me, I used to keep on dying every 5 minutes or so, but after the proper upgrades and acquiring certain skills I can now fight the toughest levels.
  17. Read Absolutely Everything you come forward with. It is essential for you to know about everything in the witcher's world.
  18. Familiarize Yourself With The Map And Explore Everything will help you to complete and know the side quests around you can unlock and acquire the new possible abilities.
  19. You can also Refill your health and all concoctions, potions and bombs just by Mediating. Go to the Menu and scroll right and select Meditation. It is also used to cycle to different times of day and night. But it is only used of the battles.
  20. Witcher 3 isn't built for you to complete everything. Learn your limits before you Step Ahead. Some contracts and quest lines are far beyond your current XP level, and to complete them is suicide. So I Would suggest to Gain certain experience and the skills before starting the Fight or any Quests.
  21. Each person who plays The Witcher 3 finds an approach to combat that suits them; whether that be low-damage strikes, heavy attacks or some combination of the two. No matter who's Playing the game, you're going to need to depend on the game's blocking and countering systems pretty heavily Which will defiantly help to survive in the quests.

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