The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Location Guide On How To Find Places of Power

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Places of Power will allow you to increase the intensity of Geralt's Signs and to gain one ability point only for the first time you find them. As you can see, they are very important in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, at least if you always want to have your character up to date.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Power Location Guide

Thanks to our guide, you can see where to find all the 15 Places of Power in the game. Our suggestion is to find them as early as you can, since you could need an extra help in the first stages of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


1 - First Place of Power lies within the Cemetary of White Orchard, it regards the Igni sign. A wraith near the Place of Power lures you into the nearby crypt. Once inside, kill it and loot the nearby bodies, chest, and sack. Do not leave without the Viper School diagram.

2 - North of the Spoils of War, this Place of Power does not stand alone. It's Quen sign this time around. You will face level 2 ghouls near this. Slay them first and then draw the magic from the stone.

3 - Be wary of the ghoul nest next to this Place of Power (directly north of the Place of Power in the cemetary). It's Aard sign. Here you will again face ghouls, so slay them first and then draw the magic.

4 - This Place of Power lies within a forested place, guarded by a level 6 Bear, near the Abaondoned Village. It's Yrden sign. You will find it deep within the forest near the traveller's road shrine.

5 - This Place of Power hides within the Vulpine Woods, near the Sawmill, near North of Sawmiill. It's Axii sign. Level 7 wraith awaits for you there so slay her first.


1 – This Igni sign is near the Elector's Square

2 - This place of power is at the top of the mountain, located west of the village of Downwarren, you can see the village of Downwarren from there. It's Yrden sign. Go through woods to north of it should place you at the base of the peak. From there it is a climb on foot, climbing up ledges to reach at the top.

3 - This one can be found on an isolated beach near the Lornruk. It's Quen sign. To reach the beach, get down to the waters below, you'll have to brave a jump into the waters from the nearby cliffs. The waters surrounding the isle are infested by drowners, be careful.

4 - You can find this one at the cutting-edge of the marshes south of Frischlow, Aard sign. Frischlow is on south of Fyke Isle. Farther south of this town you will find it.

5 - Atop a hill near the village Alness, this Place of Power overlooks the lands east of Novigrad. It's Axii sign. Go from the north, jump across a large gap from one part of the hill to the peak.


1 - This one is at the west side of the mountain, near the village of Svorlag, Igni sign. So reach the Svorlag first and then go through an abandoned building as you follow the path up the mountain. You need a key to unlock the doors of the building, inside use Aard to break through debris blocking your path. Now you need to jump over the cliff, once you success, simple climb up the mountain to find the stone.

2 - If you take the north road from Redgill near the Gedyneith, inside the cave, you will find the stone, it's Aard sign. The only problem in your way is Cyclops.

3 - If you are going to the south of the abandoned village of Fornhala, you can see this place of power – Axii sign. It's not hard to get.

4 - This Place of Power rests near a monument to Freya west of Harviken on the Isle of Faroe. It's Yrden sign. The only trouble is white wolves and a forest infested with endrega.

5 - You will find this last stone at Yngvar's Fang, overlooking Urialla Harbor. This regards the Quen sign. So start from the Urialla Harbor, go to the north west of Trail to Yngvar's Fang signpost. Continue to west, jumps and climbing up ledges to reach castle ruin. Look for a way to climb up outer area of the castle. Continue until you enter a fog-shrouded portion. Move and jump carefully and climb up. Until you reach at the top of the peak with the last place of power.

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