Fallout Shelter Cheats, Tips and Tricks Guide

Fallout Shelter Cheats

Fallout Shelter has just been announced by Bethesda but it is already available, so here’s our tips and tricks guide to improve your performances while playing. The title is not that difficult in managing people and resources, but you can take the best from it with a few simple steps. Here’s which.

Fallout Shelter

Doing your quests is the easiest way to get Caps and to get rare Dwellers/Equipment. You should focus on doing the Lunchbox quests as soon as possible to make you early game easier. Each room you build will have a certain stat tied to it. Living Quarters is Charisma based and the Power Generator is Strength based.

When you click on a Dweller you will see the SPECIAL bars filled up to a certain point. What you want to do is put the strength based Dwellers in the Power Generator Room, and the Agility based dwellers in the Diner, and so on. Each letter of special makes up a different stat. S is Strength, P is Perception, E is Endurance, C is Charisma, I is Intelligence, A is Agility and L is Luck. Then, connect your rooms. You can add on to any of the areas and make them bigger and more profitable. You need to be careful with this though because larger rooms means more power draw. Try to upgrade one at a time.

Rushing is actually a good way to get some quick cash and experience for the Dwellers in the area. If you are low on resources or about to complete an objective just rush! There isn’t really any down side to it except maybe a fire and that actually nets you more EXP after you put it out. You don’t have to constantly watch a Dweller when they are out in the Wasteland which is nice. You will want to check up on them every now and then to see if they need a Stimpack or if they got any loot. Remember to equip them with gear before you send them out or they could die.

When your Dwellers get pregnant, after a few hours (3-4 real time) you will have a baby. Be patient and the baby will come. Almost sure they stop sending you extra Dwellers until you get a baby also.

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