Fallout Shelter Unlimited Weapons, Caps and Outfits Glitch

Fallout Shelter

People playing Fallout Shelter have discovered a chance to exploit the gameplay so they can obtain unlimited caps. This could be called glitch, not a hack or cheat for sure. The glitch involves the setting of your device clock forward. First, send out several of your dwellers exploring. Make sure you have a large enough stock of caps to revive them (average 400 or so caps per dweller)

Fallout Shelter Glitch

Next remove the game from your background and go into settings. Go to general - date and time and click off "Set Time Automatically." Turn your clock a day forward.

Go back into the game and you will be bombarded with notifications of babies being born, etc. When you click on the wasteland, you will see that all of your people are dead. Click to revive them and recall them back to the shelter.

Once this is done you can repeat the glitch to get them back to the shelter. When they arrive back you can take their cache of weapons, outfits and caps and send them out again. The weapons and outfits can be sold for caps.

In case your pregnant women don’t give birth or your children don’t grow up anymore, follow these steps. First you have to set your time ahead again to a day after you set it while doing the glitch. Ex. If during the glitch you set your date to August 19th, now set your date to August 20th. If you don't remember the exact date just approximate.

When you go into the game the children should be grown up and the pregnant women should have given birth. Keep changing the time 1 day forward until there are no pregnant women or children left. Now you can set the time back and everything will be normal.

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