Batman: Arkham Knigh Guide On How To Disable 30FPS Cap and Fix Motion Blur

Batman: Arkham Knight

The performance Batman: Arkham Knight PC Port is not the way many PC gamers would have expected. Many gamers are experiencing issues with the Batman: Arkham Knight PC version. Firstly, the game is locked at 30FPS, Huge Stuttering Issues. A quick fix has been discovered to Disable 30FPS cap and sick motion blur in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Go to Batman: Arkham Knight folder and find there Config folder, for example: e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Batman Arkham Knight\BMGame\Config

Now open with notepad (or use any other text editor) an ini file: BmSystemSettings.ini

Press CTRL+F keys on your keyboard to open "Search", paste this MaxFPS=30.000000 and press "Find":

Now you should edit 30.000000 value to set desired fps.

For example you want 60 fps, then this string should looks like: MaxFPS=60.000000

To disable Motion Blur:

Use search again to find string MotionBlur=True and change value from True to False

Should be: MotionBlur=False

Save the file.

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