Rocket League PS4 Cheat, Tips and Tricks For Basics, Defense And Attack

Rocket League

Rocket League is one of the hottest games of the moment, being available for free to PlayStation Plus users on PlayStation 4. Here you have a guide to understand clearly the basics, how to defend and how to attack, after you have completed the tutorial and some offline 3v3 matches. Take a look at everything we say in the following lines, then, and play thoughtfully, as this game is deeper than it seems at a first sight.

Rocket League


Rocket League is all about control. Be sure to follow, understand and complete the tutorial, so you can go deep with the game mechanics and fully control them before launching in online competitions. In particular, watch out for Goalie, Striker and Aerial trainings, and try to get 10/10 to all so you can at least get to a rookie level. Pro and All-Star levels have a higher degree of difficulty but overall they won't be enough to resemble to difficulty of an online match: you'll just need them in order to understand how the game works. Go through some 3v3 match against the bots before going online, where we suggest you to have, at least for the first matches

Toggling the camera is a good way to customize your experience, feel more comfortable with the gameplay. Newbies are likely better off using the ball-cam (camera always fixed on the direction of the ball) to get into it at first. When you feel confident you have the basics at hand, give the free camera a go.


Defense is an important side of the game, even though it's not the first thing gamers are used to look at. Don't just chase the ball, take your time to understand where it is going and stand in your position unless you are sure you can get it without leaving your side undefended. Keep your goal-side of the ball (keep the ball between you and the opposition goal, for example), since this will give you the best chance of defending, observing the flow of the game and reduce at least the chance of own goals.

A good tactic is to stick to the middle spine of the arena at first. Get good at reading the game so you can reverse back (preferably over the boost pickups) to defend when the opposition is about to attack and move forwards when your team clears the ball. When the ball is in the corner the chances are it will come towards the middle in front of the goal at some point.  Demolitions are a good form of defence when done right: boost for a second or so and hear the second phase of boost kick in then ram an opponent to temporarily disable them. They will restart near their goal.

There are very, very few reasons you would hit the ball in the direction of your own goal so try to avoid it at (almost) all costs. Going around the ball and powersliding into a defensive position is almost always a better option. The only time you should really hit the ball backwards is to smack a rebound (as hard as you can, using boost) off the walls at the sides of the goal.


Attack is also a fundamental aspect of the game, since you will win the matches based on how many goals you can make it… just as football (or any other sports). Anyway, be sure you always have a boost in reserve and reverse from the start, take up a position of “goalie” in case the game gives you a position in the back of the field.

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