How to add Top Gear Test Track in GTA online

GTA Online

For All the GTA online players, you can now test your driving skills with the all new Top Gear Test Track. About 1.31 miles Long Track covered with the Tankers and Black Tire Wall. A Checkpoint type Route with Laps so better Suit up to race against your Friends/opponents online. Also you can Test your Car added to GTA online. 

GTA Online

To Download The Top Gear Test Track Follow the Steps Below:

Step 1:
You need to Login to your Social Club and Go to the Following Link:

Step 2: 
Press 'Add to Game' Given below in Yellow

Top Gear Test Track

Step 3:
Start the game, select Online > Play Job > Bookmarked > Races and find there "Top Gear Zancudo replica"

Screenshot of the Tracks are Given Below

GTA Online_The StartGTA_Test_Track2GTA_Test_Track4GTA_Test_Track3

Get Started with the Track.. test your skills and cars... Enjoy

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