How to unlock a 'Very High' quality streaming in Windows 10 with Xbox one

Streaming in Windows 10

If your Xbox one and a PC with windows 10 you can stream it on very hight quality(Should have the same network sharing). With the one of the best feature of windows 10, you can stream your PC or laptop games with Xbox one.

Streaming in Windows 10

If you are facing the streaming issue with your Xbox One then it's not because of poor connection but due to the poor quality. Surprisingly, The highest quality possible for streaming looked worst and laggy too. But now when you try to stream with the very high quality it looks amazing. To unlock the 'Very High' quality, you can follow the steps below and get it done.

Before you begin you should close you Xbox App in Windows 10.

Step 1: 

  • Open File Explorer and go to: "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Packages\"

Step 2: 

  • Open the folder that starts with “Microsoft.XboxApp.....”

Step 3: 

  • Open the folder LocalState

Step 4: 

  • Open the file called “userconsoledata” with Notepad or Wordpad

Step 5: 

  • Change the Line:<IsInternalPreview>false</IsInternalPreview> into this: <IsInternalPreview>true</IsInternalPreview>

Step 6: 

  • Open the Xbox App, begin streaming and in the top right of the stream window, click the ((o)) button to select Very High.    

Now the streaming is done on very high quality, so no more lagging. Check the screenshots below how the streaming on high quality looks like.

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