How to fix Auto Sheathe/UnSheathe Sword for The Witcher 3 by using Mod

The Witcher 3

Thanks to CD Project for releasing the Modkit and using this kit the game is now more enjoyable and fixes most of the issues. Many of our Witcher players had the issue with the gameplay that the sword used to sheathe/unsheathe out of place when not needed. 'Skyrayfox' a reddit user have permanently fix this issue with this mod which helps you to draw your sword manually.

The Witcher 3

This is a very simple mod that will stop the auto sheathe/unsheathe of the sword and Geralt can now draw his sword whenever he needs or else you can engage your fight with different combos or when you go out of the enemy zone. 

Earlier during the Combat, it was difficult to dodge the arrows when the distance drew 3 times away from the combat. This Mod also includes additional Files which will prevent Geralt to fix the combat distance value. You will now be able to block the arrows 3 and engage  a fight with enemies times away from the minimum distance.

Hint: You can also run away much further before you disengage the actual combat state so you can always trade off.  

Here is the Download link for the No Auto Sword Sheathe Mod.

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