Top 20 Tips for Fallout Shelter Players For Better Results

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is a game where you have to maintain your dwellers and resources very carefully. As you grow your vault-buildings deeper and deeper, the vault's room cost and the production will grow. So to maintain a good strategy from the start, you should follow the quick tips shared below for a long run of your vault in Fallout Shelter.

Fallout Shelter

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You Should be always ready for the next challenges as the game gets more tenacious with time. You should maintain a fixed approach from the start on your gameplay for the good result, so here are the top 20 tips for the Fallout Shelter Players.

  1. Do not populate babies from the start. First grow your dwellers SPECIAL stats and then you can proceed. This will help you get a baby with some high-level SPECIAL stats.
  2. Try Mixing the pairs while having a baby. The dweller sharing same bloodline won't breed. The game doesn't allow the pair to have sex with similar bloodline.
  3. Multiple dweller can be assigned the same work as they can share and boost up the work. You can also send some dwellers to search the wasteland.
  4. Kids in you vault cannot work until they are fully grown. So try maintaining the ratio of the dweller which are working with kids, so they can be feed in the vault.
  5. Pregnant women should not be armed with weapons as they are unable to protect when there is a raid or a fire breaks out. Instead, try arming the other dweller who will protect the others.
  6. After consummating, you can assign the dwellers back to work as the baby takes 8 hours(real time) to take birth in the vault.
  7. When your power room is full you can create a new power facility to get extra storage(The power room do not use any resources)
  8. If you get a Nightwear try it on the dweller whom you want to go have fun in the living room with another dweller(opposite sex). The Nightwear enhances the Charisma by 3, this helps to produce and increase the population. 
  9. If you are unable to complete certain objective then you can remove it by pressing the 'X' button on the upper-left side of the objective. You can only dismiss one object per day.(Try not to skip the objectives which awards you with the Lunchboxes)
  10. The More the dweller explores in the wasteland the more he gains the experience. The experience increases as he encounters higher level enemies.
  11. Objectives which says to equip the dweller with weapons or clothes then instead of waiting you can simply catch the dweller who is already equipped and then unequip and re-equip gear to complete the objectives.
  12. The dwellers do not take any damage when they are returning back to the vault from the exploration of wasteland. Let them explore more before you recall them.
  13. Keep the non-production away from the generator as whenever you have a power shut/loss they are the one who shuts first.
  14. The room next to the Vaults Door should have well-armed dwellers to protect you vault from the raiders.
  15. Weapons with damage 0 to 1 should be sold out as the damage is equal to dwellers fist damage. You can sell them and get extra caps.
  16. You can quick boost the dwellers happiness if they have sex. So place them in the living room and they will do the rest. The happiness will be back to 100%.
  17. For better loot from the wasteland try sending the dweller with High-level Luck and Endurance. As these two Stats are very helpful to find better items.
  18. Dwellers with high Stats can produce a baby with high stat(only one stat with level 3 max). 
  19. Do not rush the rooms if the dweller working there are starving or affected by radiation. This will only lead to failure of the rushed room.
  20. If you want to earn more caps with the rushing of the specific room then make sure you have the room with armed dwellers so that even if the rush fails the dwellers are able to protect themselves.

Those were the Top 20 tips for Fallout Shelter. If you have any point to be discussed or any doubts you can comment them below.

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